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Flagship Drip

Re-Hydration+ Drip

At Dript, we promise that you will get more than just a bag of fluids – which is why we added B-vitamins and B12 to our base drip.

Session Duration: 30-45 minutes*

Same day availability*


1 liter IV Fluids

Super B-complex




Rapidly rehydrates at cellular level

B-vitamins and B12 support cellular and enzyme functions

Helps replenish key electrolytes safely

How it works

New to drips? Don't worry. We understand that you may have many questions. That's why we've created a simple guide on how to book a drip, what happens after you book, what to expect during your session, and most importantly, how you'll feel afterwards.

Step 1: Book​

You book on our booking site and medical paperwork is then sent to your email.