• Sergio

👋 A quick hello from dript employee #2

Updated: Aug 4

It was a warm spring morning at a Starbucks in Austin, Texas. That's where I was showing Robert (a tech accelerator partner) my new startup, a beautiful and easy-to-use resume builder. I felt pretty confident after the meeting so I went home and spent the rest of my day working on my project. A few days later lo and behold I get an email telling me I was on to the second round. I felt pretty confident that this project could be the next big thing. I get a few calls that day congratulating me after posting it on Facebook, and then I get a call from Marianne.

Half a decade ago Marianne and I started talking about starting a business together (an on-demand IV therapy business). We loved startups, we loved the risk-taking, the fast-paced, quick decision-making of the old silicon valley cavaliers from the yahoo, excite, and google eras. She wanted to try again, her nursing job was getting a bit stale and she knew it was the best time to make the move or lose the window forever. She invited me to the be the CTO and help her with growth on the tech side, I