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Focused drips, shots, and add ons.

Exclusively-formulated in-house using evidence-based research, our Focused Drips can help you get to your health and wellness optimization goals with safety and consistency in mind.


Focused Rx Drips

We’ve taken these widely-used and clinically-tested IV treatments and made them accessible beyond the hospital walls – helpful for general health maintenance, detoxification support and illness recovery. 

Comprehensive Immunity+ Drip plus NAD+

Adrenal Care & Support Drip plus NAD+


All-Inclusive High Performance Drip plus NAD+


The Dript 250 mg NAD+ Drip Protocol


The Dript 25-gram High Dose Vitamin C Protocol


The Dript 500 mg NAD+ Drip Protocol


The Dript 50-gram High Dose Vitamin C Protocol


The Dript NAD+ Exclusive Onboarding Protocol


The Dript Ultimate Detox Protocol




Intramuscular All-in-one Immunity (Vitamin C, Magnesium, Zinc)

Pair one of our intramuscular injections with a COVID or lab test, for an extra shot of immune support or energy boost on the go.
Add to any drip or test.


Intramuscular Fat Burner (MIC a.k.a Lipo)


Intramuscular Vitamin D3 (as Cholecalciferol)

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Super B Shot

recovery services

Recovery Service Add-ons


Air Relax Leg Compression Therapy


Oxygen Bar

Safety above all.

As a nurse-founded company, safety and care is at the heart of everything we do – from how we empower our nurses all the way to the suppliers and vendors we source from.

Available Add-ons & Boosts

Mild pain relief + anti-inflammation


Non-drowsy anti-nausea


Sleep-inducing anti-nausea




Super Detox Boost

(vitamin C with glutathione)

Master Antioxidant Boost

(megadose glutathione)

Calm Boost

(magnesium sulfate)

Fat-burner Boost


Repair Boost


Brain Boost


Recovery Boost

(tri-amino blend)

Replenish Boost

(magnesium chloride)

B-complex Boost


Build Boost

(dexpanthenol B5)

Neuro Boost

(pyridoxine B6)

Energy Boost

(methylcobalmin B12)

What you get with each drip

Our commitment to best clinical practices, and safety, above all.

Experience and expertise gained from 3000+ drips given and 5 years in the IV space.

Medications sourced from FDA- registered and PCAB-accredited compounding pharmacies.

Thoughtfully- formulated drips with some of the highest # of ingredients and doses.

Medical supplies sourced from the world’s most reputable and recognized medical companies.

Never just a bag of fluids - our promise to only give you a drip we’ll give ourselves.

Try Dript

Same day appointments available.

Need dripts or testing for a group? Let dript take care of yours and one of our customer guides will reach out to create a custom experience for you, and your group.   Contact Support

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