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Re-Hydration+ Drip

At Dript, we promise that you will get more than just a bag of fluids – which is why we added B-vitamins and B12 to our base drip.

30-45 minutes*

How long it takes:

What it has:


B12 (methylcobalamin)


1 liter Normal Saline

When you may need it:

Boost energy

Clear mental fog

Electrolyte replenishment

Replace B vitamins

Fluid replacement

Mild dehydration

Build the drip you need.

See optional boosts and extras to enhance your experience.

Not sure what to get?

Check out our Guide for some recommendations.

Need more help?

Send us a message and a Customer Guide will get back to you.

Built with care. Better-for-you drips.

*30-45 minutes is the average time for the infusion only, excluding assessment, travel time, prep and unique infusion criteria.

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