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Core Recovery & Stress Relief Drip

Clinically-backed Magnesium Sulfate helps initiate immediate recovery from within by relaxing the smooth muscles of the blood vessels increasing oxygen and nutrient delivery to muscles and vital organs. Clinically-proven to improve stress response centers in the brain and reduce anxiety, IV magnesium sulfate also produces an instantaneous calming sensation upon delivery.

+Pair with leg compression or oxygen therapy for a heightened relaxing experience.

30-45 minutes*

How long it takes:

What it has:

Magnesium Sulfate megadose

Tri-Amino (Ornithine, Arginine, Citrulline)



Dexpanthenol (B5)

Folic Acid




B12 (methylcobalamin)

When you may need it:

Feeling tired - physically, mentally and emotionally

Experience immediate and noticeable relief from high anxiety

Recover from feelings of overwhelm or being “drained”

Periods of acute stress from personal or environmental factors

Build the drip you need.

See optional boosts and extras to enhance your experience.

Not sure what to get?

Check out our Guide for some recommendations.

Need more help?

Send us a message and a Customer Guide will get back to you.

Built with care. Better-for-you drips.

*30-45 minutes is the average time for the infusion only, excluding assessment, travel time, prep and unique infusion criteria.

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