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Weight management

Vitamin D supplementation helps increase metabolism of carbohydrates.

Carnitine carries fatty acids into the cells to be burned for fuel and helps reduce visceral adiposity (belly fat).

Magnesium impairs a person’s ability to use glucose for fuel, instead storing it as fat; supplementation stimulates metabolism by increasing insulin sensitivity and also inhibits fat absorption.

Methionine facilitates lipid metabolism, increases energy expenditure, improves insulin resistance, and enhances fat breakdown and fatty acid oxidation in fat tissue.

Inositol supplementation has been effectively used to accelerate weight loss, reduce fat mass, increase lean mass, improve serum lipid profiles and up regulate the expression of genes involved in lipid metabolism and insulin sensitivity.

Choline breaks down fat as an energy source and supplementation causes rapid fat and weight loss.

How we can help

Correct nutrient deficiencies that contribute to slow metabolism, impaired glucose uptake and decreased insulin sensitivity

Help breakdown and mobilization of excess fat through the use of lipotropes

Reduce fat mass by enhancing glucose uptake into the muscle

We recommend

Ultimate Dript IV with MIC boost

Maximum Athlete IV With MIC boost and Sunshine shot (vit D3)

Myer’s Cocktail+ IV with MIC boost and Sunshine shot (vit D3)


weight management

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