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Recovery after travel

Normal saline helps correct dehydration and promotes faster alleviation of jet lag symptoms.

IV B12 provides readily available instant energy.

Amino acids taurine, ornithine and citrulline help improve blood flow, increase athletic performance, and accelerate recovery.

Vitamin D may help increase melatonin levels needed for quality sleep at bedtime.

Antioxidants vitamin C and glutathione replenish antioxidant levels used up during high period of physical, physiological and emotional stress and helps decrease oxidative damage, decrease inflammation and provide an immunity boost

For jet lag support recommendations, see our Jet lag knowledge card.

How we can help

Obtain COVID testing (if required)

Increase energy to decrease fatigue

Correct travel-related dehydration

Provide immune support and enhance immune response after lengthy exposure to confined spaces and crowds

We recommend

Ultimate Dript IV and 15-minute rapid COVID + Flu test and leg compression

Myer’s Cocktail+ IV With Super Detox boost and 15-minute rapid COVID + Flu test And leg compression

Immunity Support IV with Sunshine shot (vit D3), 15-minute rapid COVID + Flu test And leg compression


travel recovery

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