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Decreased sleep

Magnesium supplementation associated better quality sleep; mimics action of melatonin; helps alleviate insomnia due to restless leg syndrome.

Zinc interacts with NMDA brain receptors which regulate mood and higher levels contribute to longer sleep duration.

B3 increases REM sleep and contribute to both quality and quantity of sleep from converting tryptophan to serotonin.

B6 and other B vitamins are cofactors for certain neurotransmitter production that help regulate sleep patterns.

B12 normalizes circadian rhythms (sleep-wake cycles).

Lysine helps with stress response and reducing stress-induced anxiety

How we can help

Support processes that help regulate mood and reduce anxiety-related behavior

Correct nutrient deficiencies which contribute to sleep disturbances to improve quality and quantity of sleep

We recommend

Myer’s Cocktail+ IV with Calm boost and Sunshine shot (vit D3)

Ultimate Dript IV With Calm boost (magnesium sulfate)


induce sleep
decreased sleep

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