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Pre-menstrual syndrome (PMS)
and period pain

IV magnesium sulfate provides increased concentrations of magnesium which is also needed to correct dopamine imbalance affecting mood and leading to overwhelming anxiety in the luteal phase.

Vitamin D and calcium supplementation can correct deficiencies of these vitamins that carry a higher risk for PMS symptom development.

IV ketorolac, an NSAID, taken before or at the onset of your period can ease cramping and breast discomfort.

How we can help

PMS symptoms, help improve quality of life and reduce debilitating effects of PMS

Provide quick-acting, short-term relief of pain associated with PMS

Correct certain nutrient deficiencies that worsen symptoms of PMS Provide clinically-researched, effective interventions to ameliorate

We recommend

Ultimate Dript IV with anti-inflammation boost

Myer’s Cocktail+ IV with anti-inflammation boost and Protect shot (vit D3)

Migraine Relief IV with Sunshine shot (vit D3)


period pain

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