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Circadian desynchrony
a.k.a Jet lag

Normal saline helps correct dehydration and promotes faster alleviation of jet lag symptoms.

For rest and sleep:

Magnesium supplementation associated better quality sleep; mimics action of melatonin; helps alleviate insomnia due to restless leg syndrome.

Magnesium sulfate IV helps induce a rest and sleep by dilating blood vessels lowering blood pressure.

Zinc interacts with NMDA brain receptors which regulate mood and higher levels contribute to longer sleep duration

For daytime wakefulness:

IV B12 provides readily available instant energy.

Amino acids taurine, ornithine and citrulline help improve blood flow, increase athletic performance, and accelerate recovery.

Vitamin D may help increase melatonin levels needed for quality sleep at bedtime.

How we can help

Provide nutrients which may help facilitate restful sleep or daytime wakefulness

Help treat symptoms of jet lag which are disturbed sleep, daytime fatigue, decreased ability to perform mental and physical tasks, reduced alertness, and headaches

Prevent long-term consequences such as cognitive deficits, GI disturbances and heart disease by accelerating resolution of jet lag

We recommend

For AM/energy : Ultimate Dript IV with MIC shot

For AM/energy : Maximum Athlete with Sunshine shot (vit D3)

For PM/sleep/rest: Myer’s Cocktail+ IV with Calm boost

For PM/sleep/rest: Migraine Relief IV


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jet lag relief
jet lag

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