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Boost immunity prior to travel, event or gathering

Normal saline also increase cardiovascular performance (increased stroke volume and cardiac output and reduced systemic vascular resistance).

Vitamin C and zinc enhance immune response and has immunoprotected benefits.

Antioxidants glutathione and taurine can reduce oxidative stress and regulate mitochondrial dysfunction which is normally seen in those with chronic fatigue.

Vitamin C assists with iron uptake and transport as well as hormones that affect energy levels.

B vitamins necessary for converting food into energy assist in the mitochondrial respiratory chain.

Carnitine turns fats and food into fuel.

How we can help

Obtain COVID testing (if required)

Increase energy to prevent severe exhaustion and fatigue

Get prophylactic hydration to prevent severe dehydration

Provide immune support and enhance immune response

We recommend

Ultimate Dript IV and 15-minute rapid COVID + Flu test

Myer’s Cocktail+ IV With Super Detox boost and 15-minute rapid COVID + Flu test

Immunity Support IV with Sunshine shot (vit D3) and 15-minute rapid COVID + Flu test


travel preparation
attend an event

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