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Heartburn &
upset stomach

Famotidine IV decreases stomach acid production and relieves stomach pain, heartburn.

Normal saline provides fluids lost from poor oral intake in the setting of accompanying nausea and vomiting.

Vitamin C replaces lost vitamin C used by inflamed gut, promotes tissue healing and reduced GI inflammation.

Anti-nausea agents provide relief from nausea.

Vitamin D protects good bacteria in gut, activates adaptive immunity that originates in GI tract; promotes gut barrier integrity and prevents inflammatory bowel disease flare-ups.

How we can help

Correct nutrient deficiencies to support gut and GI health

Provide fluids in the case of poor oral intake from nausea

Provide symptomatic relief of heartburn and nausea

We recommend

Ultimate Dript IV with anti-nausea and anti-heartburn boosts

Stomach Reset IV with Sunshine shot (vit D3)


upset stomach
stomach relief

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