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Dehydration from
fluid loss

Normal saline is a cornerstone of intravenous solutions commonly used in the clinical setting in the management and treatment of dehydration, metabolic alkalosis in the presence of fluid loss, and mild sodium depletion..

Normal saline functions to expand intravascular volume without disturbing ion concentration or causing large fluid shifts between intracellular, intravascular, and interstitial spaces.

B-complex supplementation replaces B vitamins lost.

B12 provides increased energy.

How we can help

Administer fluids intravenously when oral intake is not possible due to nausea

Replenish lost fluids, sodium and chloride to restore fluid balance in the body, restore intravascular volume and prevent adverse events

We recommend

Stomach Reset IV plus 1 liter extra hydration

Maximum Athlete IV And 1 liter extra hydration

Hydration+ IV With Anti-nausea boost (ondansetron or promethazine) And 1 liter extra hydration


electrolyte replacement
fluid replacement

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