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Cellular Aging

In addition to healthier lifestyle choice such as regular exercise, a wholesome diet, stress reduction techniques, reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption and smoking, consuming more antioxidants may help slow down the rate at which cells age. Cellular age is thought to be a better predictor of our health risk and lifespan.

As we age and the more “stressors” the body is subjected to – our natural antioxidant production not only declines but the body simply cannot replenish antioxidants faster than it is used up.

Research has shown that extracellular sources of glutathione – the master antioxidant – can help decrease cellular aging and make one less predisposed to premature biological aging and certain diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, certain cancers and metabolic disorders.

How we can help

Replenish antioxidants

Decrease oxidative stress

Neutralize free radicals

Slow down cellular aging

We recommend

Ultimate Dript IV

Myer’s Cocktail+ With Super Detox boost (high dose vit C + glutathione)



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