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Brain fog & mental fatigue

IV fluids help increase perfusion or blood flow to the brain and delivery of oxygen.

B-complex and B12 support brain processes and function

Vitamin C supplementation ensures ample levels present in brain, nervous system and protects against oxidative stress found in common neurodegenerative diseases.

Glutathione replaces glutathione lost the most from brain tissue usage.

Carnitine helps support energy production and transport of fatty acids, resulting in reduced physical and mental fatigue.

Inositol protects against the formation of abnormally folded toxic proteins seen in Alzheimer’s patients and has beneficial effects on depression and anxiety.

Choline supplementation reduces mitochondrial dysfunction in the brain that clinically presents as cognitive impairment.

Taurine helps stimulate new growth and connections of brain cells.

How we can help

Increase mental clarity by supplementation with brain function boosting vitamins and amino acids

Help resolve symptoms of brain fog such as increased stress, lack of sleep, inability to focus and poor concentration

Treat probable underlying causes of short-term brain fog - nutrient deficiencies, dehydration

We recommend

Myer’s Cocktail+ IV with MIC and Carnitine boosts

Maximum Athlete IV, With Super Detox boost

Ultimate Dript IV


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