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A story about challenging the status quo

What can you do with more time? More mental clarity? More energy? More time for productivity? More time with family and most of all – more time for yourself?

The demands of modern life continue to increase, negatively impacting health and resulting in burnout.
Everyday we are subjected to more and more stress – physical, physiological, mental, emotional, social – causing us to feel
drained, overwhelmed, exhausted, sluggish and foggy

While we continue to strive to care for ourselves, sometimes there is simply not enough time in the day to pause, rehydrate and recharge and wait around to recover.

There is a better way.

When we built Dript, we looked back at the time we spent in the industry taking care of 3000+ patients and managing teams, and asked ourselves  – how can we be positively different in every possible way? How can we eliminate the common inefficiencies and pain points when it comes to administering and receiving great service?

We didn’t have all the answers but we were sure of one thing – and that’s being intentional and thoughtful about the way we do things.

We’ve found that our customers are not exactly in the best state to travel or do not have the time to drive all the way to a brick-and-mortar store. Additionally, by the time some realize they need help, a business is closed for the day or there is no immediate availability due to staffing and booking constraints.

We took a good look at our processes and tools, to ensure they provide an easy experience whether that takes a real person answering your inquiry or a website that gives you relevant and comprehensive information, eliminating the unnecessary back-and-forth and inefficiencies.